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My Pursuit of Happiness

My Pursuit of Happiness

Warning, this blog could trigger.

I'm a fucking mess, just trying to get through my life with reoccurring depression, self harm and insomnia.

Most of the time I'm not worth the air I breathe.

Want to talk to you so much.

Wish I didn’t have parents who ask questions about where I’ve been so I could spend more time with you. I hate leaving you.

You know you’re in love when you spend an hour just talking nonsense with them and it makes you so happy.

Coming home and relaxing in the only way I know how. By going on an awesome bike ride and spend an hour talking to my favourite person in the world. Put a massive smile on my face.

This week has been perfect. Wish I could spend more time with you. Just got to keep looking forward to the next time.

If I got a pound for every time I got a dirty look this week I’d probably be able to pay off my bike…

What to do when someone is having a panic attack.

1) Ask if they are okay. Once.
2) Move them to a quite place or get everyone out of the fucking way. It’s a very embarrassing time, and its made worse by people staring or consistently asking what the matter is.
3) Keep one person with them in case the situation changes. Everyone else get the fuck out.
4) When the attack has past, be mindful that that person is probably so embarrassed so don’t make fun of them.
5) Let them get on with their routine. Chances are this isn’t the first one they have delt with.
6) Help them take their mind off things if they want.

Not stopped crying all morning. I don’t want to live anymore.

Looking at a picture of you and just thinking “mmmm that’s mine” 😷😘

In love with you so madly.

My boyfriend is the reason not only that I’ve actually made it out of my room but I’m smiling for the first time in 5 days. He is absolutely perfect and I don’t deserve him. He actually makes me glad to be alive.